Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So! It was a double ear infection – can you believe it? All this time I was convinced that my poor little baby was suffering from bronchitis or pneumonia, or had somehow turned into a 30-year smoker with emphysema overnight. But no. Instead, both her ears are infected, and her head is so full of mucus that it is draining and making her cough.


These kids, I tell ya. They are a mystery. Anyway, she is now loaded up on Amoxicillin and I’m sure will be back to 100% healthy in no time.

Onward! I’m back in the office today, thankfully, because usually when I’m here I can control my desire to eat everything in sight. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who knows me from Twitter is well aware that I crave Fritos regularly, but when the Fritos craving hits me at home, I will rummage through my pantry and eat half a box of mint Joe-Joe’s or See’s molasses chips instead.

(Yes. That really happened.)

Obviously, being at the office has its drawbacks too. Like people in the restroom stall next to you, who are tapping away on their BlackBerry WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY SITTING ON THE TOILET. Now, that doesn’t seem as bad to me as the person at my old office who would floss her teeth in the stall every day after lunch, earning herself the nickname of The Pot Flosser, but GROSS.

(Yes. That also really happened.)

With that lovely sentiment, I will leave you to your Tuesday. Enjoy. And thanks for stopping by. But mostly, stay classy.


BrioII said...

I too crave Fritos. Then they get stuck in my teeth and I have to use my Gripit Floss Holder to get them out. You can see this handy device in action at www.gripit.biz.

little miss mel said...

Coming from a gal that knows way too much about ear infections, (Rt had 5 in a span of 13 months and ended up with tubes (LOVE ME SOME TUBES)), she should be good as gold about 24 hours after taking the anti-biotics.

So, yea for you and the rest of you clan. :) Glad you're back at work too. Luckily, I have nothing fun in my pantry to actually eat. :(

The flosser? ACK!!!

Joanna said...

I have been downing Fiber One bars like you read about. I pretend they're healthy because, come on, fiber! But then I forget how many I've eaten, and somehow an economy-sized box is gone in a week. Ick.

Camels & Chocolate said...

Funny enough, I THOUGHT when I made the move from CubeVille to Working from Home a year ago, my waistline would suffer as a result. Rather, I LOST weight, as I previously worked at Lucky mag and had unlimited access so cupcake platters and the delicious cafeteria downstairs. Now, I keep my house so poorly stocked that I just don't eat at all because nothing sounds good (and I ran out of PBJ materials, urg).