Monday, January 19, 2009

call me crazy

Last week there was some chatter on Twitter about the proper way to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

(Extra grilled, preferably with tomatoes inside, dipped in hot sauce. OBVS.)

But this made me think. Despite my many food vices – love of Diet Coke, chocolate, Fritos and all things salty – there are a couple of things that I could easily live without: ketchup and ice cream.
Don’t get me wrong, I like ketchup and ice cream. But I could happily live my entire life without eating either one. Ketchup is not necessary for French fries. In fact, I am a French fry purist. Just the delicious potatoey goodness with a light sprinkling of salt, please.

And ice cream? Sure, it’s good, and we usually have it at home because my husband loves it. It’s just not my dessert of choice. (Let’s not talk about cupcakes and brownies, because CANNOT. RESIST.)

What about you – what could you live without?


Angella said...

I'm like you - I can live without ketchup and ice cream. Chips (and salty snacks) not so much.

My favorite combo for the grilled cheese is to dip it in tomato soup. YUM.

AnnieM said...

I could also pass on ketchup. But oh boy not mustard. I love mustard! I am a salty kind of girl and not sure if my life would go on without Guacamole in it!

rebcram said...

Yes. Guacamole. Amen to that one!

Joanna said...

My husband also demands that our freezer always be stocked with ice cream, but I never crave it.(Also, we live in Boston, where it's only ice-cream weather for 5 months out of the year.) My favorite grilled cheese "recipe" isn't even grilled; I toast the bread, then add cheese and tomato and melt it in the toaster oven. :-)

Andrea said...

I could do without ice cream. I am more of a cake,cookie, pastry girl myself. I like as much fat and calories shoved into my treats as possible. I like Ketchup, but LOVE mustard and couldn't live without hotdog relish.

Camels & Chocolate said...

OK, I just have to say that I don't understand people like you at all...probably because I LIVE for ice cream and ONLY eat fries as a vehicle for the ketchup! ;-)