Monday, January 26, 2009

good, bad, ugly

The bad news:
I'm home with the poor sick little Delaney today. She is coughing so much, it's just sad. In fact, she coughed so hard over the weekend that she made herself hurl. Twice. It was truly disgusting. Anyway, I got her a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so until then, we are chilling together and spending a mellow day at home.

The good news:
Even though my baby is sick, I got dressed instead of schlumping around in yoga pants and Uggs. (Side note: I now have that song "Humpin' Around" in my head. Thanks, self. Who sings that?) Anyway, the good thing about that is that I am getting so much more done and feel better wearing jeans, a sweater and flats rather than a spit-up stained sweatshirt. I guess those people (e.g. MY MOTHER) who always lecture you about how you feel as good as you look might actually be onto something. Go figure.

Case in point... check out my new flats that I am wearing today. Do you love them? I do!

The Ugly:
So far, I have eaten a cereal bar, a bagel with cream cheese, three See's molasses chips and three cups of coffee. Somebody, help me stop consuming the contents of my snack drawer QUICK.


Joanna said...

Wearing "real" clothes is so invigorating--it's like a note-to-self that you are awake and upright. Those flats are very cute! Hope your daughter feels better soon.

metalia said...

I do NOT STOP EATING when I work from home. It's awful. On a brighter note, I want--nay, NEED your flats. Details, please!

rebcram said...

Metalia - here you go. They are the Ruby & Bloom "Grace" flat from Nordstrom. I have the blush patent color, and they are very faintly pink but really, mostly a nude color. Therefore, they go with EVERYTHING. Also, they are ridiculously comfortable. I can not say enough about these shoes.

metalia said...

Thank you, darling! I love the color and the style...must buy NOW!

Angella said...

CUUUUUUTE flats. I am envious that you get to wear flats ALL YEAR ROUND.

Hope your girl is better soon. Emily has a cough, but we've been barf-free. So far.

David said...

she hurled 3x - remember, the first time was when she was laying on my chest. yuck.

and, it was bobby brown...

Andrea said...

We experienced the coughing so hard they hurl experience last week, in the car no less. It was a big old smelly mess.

I try to make myself get dressed every day, but sometimes only make it into my 'nice' yoga pants. Hey, if I am being honest, some days wearing a bra counts as being dressed.