Monday, February 09, 2009

happy birthday, baby D!

I can't believe she is already a year old. These last twelve months have flown by. Seemingly overnight, she went from a tiny helpless baby to a big girl with three teeth, who stands up all by herself and laughs at anything and everything.

I love this precious girl.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 things

Originally posted on Facebook, because I was tagged by 8,467 people to do this. I confess: I actually found it kinda fun.

1. I have always lived in the suburbs of Southern California, but I fancy myself somewhat of a city girl.

2. When I was little I was obsessed with horses. Really obsessed, like to the point that when I would come home from riding lessons, I would refuse to take a shower because I wanted to smell like horses. (Grown-up me says “Um, gross.)

3. I am a klutz. Bella Swan’s got nothing on me.

4. I am a former competitive swimmer. In fact, swimming represents the entirety of my athletic talent. See #3 above.

5. My diehard addictions include coffee, Diet Coke, shoes and J. Crew.

6. I also really like wine.

7. And salty snacks. Especially chips. That are dipped in guacamole. And also dark chocolate.

8. Evidently, I am hungry right now.

9. I watch too much TV.

10. All three of my most embarrassing moments involve glass being broken in humiliating circumstances. Did I mention my klutzitude?

11. I won a spelling bee when I was in third grade. No, seriously. I am an excellent speller.

12. My musical taste is, how shall we say, eclectic. Some of my more random likes include the Rent soundtrack and Anne Murray. I’M NOT ASHAMED.

13. I have never really been a kid person, but thank God I have two of my own. They are fantastic.

14. I hate being cold.

15. Reading is my life’s passion and I am never happier than when I have a stack of unread books on my nightstand.

16. My favorite books are The Brothers K by David James Duncan and A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.

17. I love going to the movies by myself. Actually, I love going to the movies at all and never get to, because of my aforementioned kids.

18. I love for things to be uncluttered on the surface, but don’t open a drawer or closet at my house because you will be showered in junk a la Monica Gellar. Out of sight, out of mind!

19. I have a terrible memory, but I usually remember people’s middle names. I find them intriguing.

20. I am not good at using chopsticks. I’M JUST NOT. This one, I actually am kind of ashamed of. In fact, my awkward chopstick skills were once very nearly exposed on national television! True story.

21. I also cannot shuffle a deck of cards properly. So being invited to a party with card-playing and sushi would strike anxiety into my heart. Although I really do love sushi.

22. Ketchup is an overrated condiment.

23. I will go to extreme lengths to avoid vomiting.

24. I feel guilty about the fact that I rarely work out.

25. I am an introvert at heart and hate being the center of attention, although I am not particularly shy.

Monday, February 02, 2009

What would you do...

… if you thought it was a good idea to take both your kids to Old Navy, or “Old Maybe” as your child may have called it, and your child threw a big old fit and wouldn’t listen to anything you said, and then when you got down on his level to talk to him about it, he then proceeded to HIT YOU?

… and then, if you took away your child’s toy car because of the hitting, he started throwing a screaming fit while still in the store?

… and then he hit you again?

… and you then dumped your armful of clothes on the nearest display, did the extra-firm upper-arm grab to remove him from the scene and alert him that YOU MEAN BUSINESS, all while pushing the stroller with the other child in it, and he reaches out and hits you AGAIN?

Now, mind you, these are all HYPOTHETICAL examples, because my children are perfect ANGELS, especially the one who happens to be THREE and fiercely INDEPENDENT.

I am just wondering, in the off chance that one of you unlucky saps has been through this. Because I have this friend...