Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This week = currently kicking my ass. For one, we found out that our daycare provider is moving. She’s moving juuuuust far away enough to make it entirely impractical for us to continue taking Evan there. Thus, I’ve been thrown into a tailspin of stress and preschool tour chaos. Good times.

Then, this morning, we went in to get Evan after he had been awake for about 15 minutes. Lately, he’s taken to telling us when he needs his diaper changed (yep, that means he’s getting close to potty training!). He’ll say “need to change diapers” and hold his arms up waiting for you to pick him up and do what needs to be done. For some reason, despite the fact that we knew this, we heard him wake up and just let him hang out for a few while we ate breakfast. Big mistake. By the time we got up there to get him, you could smell the carnage OUTSIDE HIS BEDROOM DOOR. I knew this was a bad sign.

And I was not wrong. He had taken off his pants and sitting in his crib saying pitifully “need to change diapers.” Um, yeah, you think? Fortunately he hadn’t removed his diaper, but let’s just say that nothing was unscathed. There was a containment issue. We had to immediately remove everything from the crib – blankets, pajamas, sheet, mattress pad – and dump it all into the wash.

Not a very good start to the day, but fitting for the week I'm having.


undercover celebrity said...

Lord. Have. Mercy. ...and just when I thought I couldn't wait to have kids...

Amy said...

I am so glad to not be you right at this moment. Whew!!! I do NOT miss that!

whoorl said...

OH NO! The poop is bad, but the daycare situation?! I'm so sorry about having to find a new one...such a HUGE undertaking.

If it makes you feel just the teensiest bit better, Wito has completely stopped napping.

Completely. Stopped. Napping.

Big hugs!

little miss mel said...

oh man, that has got to be the worst. I hope that never happens to me, ya right!

Yes, At LEAST he didn't take his diaper off, can you imagine??

Rt still loves to play with his penis over anything else right now, so let's hope that keeps him busy enough.

Sorry about having to get another care provider. That must SUCK!

Hope it all gets better REAL soon.

Swistle said...

Hello! I came over to visit after seeing your comment on another blog! So...hi!

Jeez, when you can smell it outside the door, it's a bad, bad sign. I don't know which is worse, the poop smell or the vomit smell. I guess vomit, because there can be so much more to come. But it's a close call.

jen said...

well, at least we know you're not one of those people who just throws poopy things away hehe.. that always amuses me.

congrats on your pregnancy! and good luck with the day care thing.