Monday, June 11, 2007


I often think to myself that it’s lucky that toddlers are as charming as they are because the frequent funny or endearing moments put the challenging times in perspective. Something happened this weekend that illustrated that better than I could ever explain.

Yesterday, Evan was in his high chair eating lunch. Dave was sitting at our kitchen island hunched over his laptop and I walked over and put my arms around him from behind. A few seconds later, Evan piped up.

“Want a hug too,” he said in the clearest, sweetest voice.

Dave and I looked at each other, then at Evan. Tears immediately welled up in my eyes when I saw his little face looking over at us. I went over and hugged as much of him as I could grab hold of and kissed his cheek. I stepped back and then heard the voice again.

“Daddy kiss too,” Evan said.

Dave promptly got up and went over to kiss him also. This went on for a few more minutes as he traded off requests: “Mommy kiss too…” “Daddy kiss too…,” clearly happy that we were doing what he asked.

It just made me realize - again - that this little person watches everything we do and hears everything we say. I am far from a perfect mother, but please, God, let me be an example to be proud of.


crames said...

So cute!!!

mrsmogul said...

One time the husband was playfully spanking my butt on the couch. Then I felt a little hand doing the same thing. I turned around and there was Baby mogul spanking my butt just like dada!

Elizabeth said...


Amy said...

oh so true. The good and the bad, they watch and take it all in! What a wonderful moment you all shared together! I'm glad you blogged, not just so we can share in the cuteness, but so that you never forget these precious moments!

undercover celebrity said...

That is just adorable!
And, may I just say, that I am so glad you're back to blogging.

Poka Bean said...

heart that boy!