Thursday, June 07, 2007

nice hat

Last night we went to our next-door neighbors’ house to watch the last game of the Stanley Cup finals. They have two little boys and a putting green in their backyard, so Evan is in heaven every time we go over there.

Everything was going great until I walked by the door to the backyard and saw Evan knock over the dog’s water bowl all over his shoes. After I had cleaned that up, I went back in for a few minutes, until I glanced outside again and saw him prancing around the backyard with THE DOG’S WATER BOWL ON HIS HEAD. Yes, he thought the water bowl made a fine hat.

This made me re-think my earlier decision NOT to give him a bath when we got home.


little miss mel said...

Hey you! Glad to see you posting again! The dog bowl on the head is classic. Ughhhh!!

Glad you had a good time with Whoorl. She's a gem. :)

little miss mel said...

Ok, clearly you have been posting, I have just been elsewhere, I guess. ;)

The hotel was great. Funny about dining there for the prom. So, you ate in the main dining hall? We never made it in there, just the outdoor cafe. Good food though!

Poka Bean said...

well, at least he was into the water and the bowl and didn't any of the dog's FOOD like i used to do. nasty!

undercover celebrity said...

Hey, the kid's got impeccable fashion sense and a vivid imagination. Maybe he'll grow up to be the Zac Posen of golfwear.