Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We are heading out of town for a couple of days and holy Hannah, we are going to leave Evan overnight for the very. first. time. We have left him many a time to go to dinner, concerts, movies, etc. but this is an actual overnight babysitting gig. Which means, we will not be sleeping one room away from him. In fact, we will be sleeping approximately 65 miles away from him. I think this is a great idea on the surface, but I’m sure I will talk about him nonstop in truly annoying mom fashion.

But fun! We are going to stay at a swanky hotel and it is going to be awesome. Happy 7th wedding anniversary to us.


Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!! It's hard to be away but it also makes for such a wonderful reuion! Enjoy the time!

Poka Bean said...

7 years? where have i been? that just can't be. time is FUH LYE ING. hope your getaway is great!!!