Wednesday, August 16, 2006


What was that I was saying about things falling apart around here? Well, apparently it extends to cars. This morning I had just dropped Evan off at day care and was merrily driving to work, feeling all smug and virtuous about having gotten up early to go to swim practice. All of a sudden… boom! I hear this thunderous noise and the car starts driving all bumpy. Grrr – flat tire. I pulled over, called AAA and waited almost an hour for the tow truck guy to come change my tire. He did and I was on my way.

But now! I have to get some new tires and my smug feeling? Gone.

I am currently sitting here nursing my wounded pride with a tall cup off hot chocolate with the mini-marshmallows.


Amy said...

a) I love you choice of sulk-foods! hot chocolate rocks!! (Even in California, even in the summer)
b) at least it was only a tire and not some $1000 repair.

undercover celebrity said...

mmmm... many mini marshmallows cure most maladies.

Don't ask me where that ancient chinese proverb came from, sometimes these things just can't be kept inside.

It will thrill you, however, to know that Costco is currently having a tire sale -- $60 off when you buy 4 Michellin tires. And, it's like my dad always says, "Don't buy any tires other than Michellins... you'll be sorry"