Monday, August 14, 2006

bearca's formula for winning big $$ at the horse races

Here are two simple questions to ask yourself when betting on a horse:

1) Does the horse have a good/intriguing/unique/funny name?
2) Is the horse pretty?

If you have answered yes to one or both of these questions, then you have yourself a winner. Jockey? Trainer? Lasik? Blah! I’m all about aesthetics when it comes to horse racing.

We went to Del Mar on Saturday and this was my formula. May I say, it worked like a charm! We won the big bucks*. Well, enough to pay for our margaritas, anyway. And to me, there’s a successful day at the races.

* If by big bucks, you mean winning $24 on a $2 bet.


Poka Bean said...

i love the pretty horses! good call. never been to the races but i imagine i'd place my wagers the same way.

Amy said...

That's absolutely the ONLY way to pick a good horse!!

undercover celebrity said...

Ok, is it just me or did anyone else NOT know that horse's and/or jockey's Lasik corrective eye surgery would play such a prominent role in betting?

Up Hill Both Ways! said...

Undercover celebrity is right about the corrective eye surgery. I agree it would be most helpful for jockey and horse to see clearly all the way to the finish line.

As a former pharmaceutical representative for the company that marketed Lasix, this diuretic is used in racehorses at the track.