Thursday, August 21, 2008

change of plans

I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am simply not a spontaneous person. I like to have A Plan, and I like to stick to That Plan. Typically my plans involve lots of mental preparation, some list-making (dear Lord, do I love making lists) and often, a reluctance to change. I think part of it is that I have two small children, and leaving the house at any time requires a military level of precision and preparedness, but only recently have I embraced the fact that it’s also just my personality. I am obsessed with being prepared and knowing what’s next at all times so I have time to wrap my mind around it.

(sidebar: wow. That makes me sound really fun. YOU SHOULD ALL WANT TO PARTY WITH ME.)

So imagine my surprise when Dave called me at 4:45 pm yesterday and said “Guess what! We just got two free tickets to the Dave Matthews concert tonight at Staples Center – and they’re in a private suite!” Now I can appreciate free concert tickets as much as the next gal, but due to my confessed lack of spontaneity I was like “But who will watch the children?” and “But the housekeeper is coming tomorrow, when are we going to pick up all our clutter?” and “But I really wanted to dismantle the baby swing tonight!” (see above re: how much you should want to party with me.)

Now, Dave is a really fun guy, and lacks my resistance to spontaneity. He launched a campaign: “But it’ll be fun! We never get to go out! When will we ever have this opportunity again?” All arguments that I could not disagree with. So, thanks to Dave’s sister who agreed to stay with the kids (yay Aunt Ryann!), off we went like the carefree, spontaneous couple we totally aren't.

And guess what? We had a fabulous time. The concert was OK – we have seen DMB before and loved it, and this time was not quite as good, but who cares? We were sitting in free seats, with free food and free drinks, on a Wednesday night, while SOMEONE ELSE was at home supervising the kids.

And no, I didn’t get to pick up the clutter or dismantle the baby swing. Thank goodness.

(**Shameless plea: if you know me in person, could you please vouch for the fact that I CAN BE fun and not a total stick in the mud? Thanks.)


fairydogmother said...

I imagine the shows are pretty emotional right now as compared to a "typical" DMB show. My radio station is giving away tickets to one of their Labor Day weekend shows here, and I'm torn about whether I want to try to win tickets or not. Of course motel rooms in the area (the concert site is about 4 hours away) have been sold out for months, and I'm entirely too old to drive over and back the same night anymore! Hmm, I guess I just made my decision...

(visiting from Swistle's comment section, btw, instead of doing any of the other million things I should be taking care of at the moment)

whoorl said...

OF COURSE YOU ARE FUN. Now, let's go shopping.

Angella said...

I would KILL to see DMB live. OK, not kill. Maybe just maim.

rycra said...

I'll vouch for the fact that you are a fun person if you vouch for me that just because I was able to drop everything (ie laundry) on a raging Wednesday night to come babysit doesn't mean that I don't know how to have a little fun either. :)

We are two wild and crazy gals!

little miss mel said...

It's hard to break out of the norm and be random especially with two little kids. I hear ya and I'm sure you are way fun. :)