Monday, September 11, 2006


You know when you wear a pair of new shoes to work? And at about 8:05 a.m., you start feeling this painful rubbing against your heel? And then, you dig in your desk drawer for a band-aid and put it on, only to find that eight minutes later, after walking 12 feet to the conference room, your shoe has shoved the band-aid so that it rides up and uncovers the sore spot? Then, you go to the first aid kit in the kitchen and stock up on bandages so you can experiment with interesting and creative new band-aid placements. Like for example… the double. Or the perpendicular cross. Or, the configuration that I am currently experimenting with: the knuckle bandage placed over a standard bandage for more coverage. I am sporting this attractive band-aid mélange on both feet right now. Such is my life.


Amy said...

I think it is even better when you have to fact this challenge at home before work and end up with all kinds of Elmo, Sesame Street and Cookie Monster bandaids!!

undercover celebrity said...

but the question is... are the shoes cute? Because if so, it's like when Evan pukes on you. You really wish he wouldn't, but he's so darn adorable that you're willing to put up with it.

And THAT is my profound wisdom for the day.