Tuesday, September 26, 2006


So many things about parenthood are different than I expected.

I was never one of those people who adored everyone else’s children. Now, a stroller goes by and I crane my neck to catch a glimpse of the little person inside. (I’m a convert.)

I was afraid of the constant barrage of dirty diapers. I had no idea that soon, they’d be no big deal. Grab a few wipes, clean it up and move on.

I dreaded the lack of sleep. That actually did suck as much as I thought it would – but it was temporary.

I had absolutely no idea how simple developmental steps would blind me with awe. My reaction to watching my child learning how to knock on the door, climb stairs or take a bite of a pear has surprised me no end. The visceral sense of pride I feel every time he does something new is powerful.

I dreaded the lack of time to myself. But now I treasure the few bits of time that I do have, and enjoy them that much more.

I am naturally impatient, and thought I’d be intolerant of a toddler’s timetable. And sometimes I am. But most of the time, I enjoy sitting back and watching him do things on his terms.

I was afraid my house would be overrun with toys. It kind of is.

I didn’t know how much I would come to appreciate hand sanitizer.

I thought I would dislike all children’s TV shows – annoying! But now I find myself humming Wiggles songs constantly. Surprisingly, I don’t hate it.

I’m sure many people have waxed far more eloquently than I ever could about what it means to be a mother. All I can say is that it’s transformed me in more ways than I can count.


karla said...

I could have written this post. Every single point you made is true of me as well. Except the Wiggles part--that would have to read "Mickey Mouse."

Would you just take over my blog for me? If you're just going to say what I was going to say anyway, why shouldn't one of us (me!) get some down time while the other one does the work?

undercover celebrity said...

THANK YOU! Though I'm no where near having children of my own, I know I'm excited about my future family.

But just as I let myself fall into that excitement, I become paralyzed with fear over all the things you just listed. It's good to know that many of those fears turn into inexplicable episodes of mommy wonderment.


Poka Bean said...

sweet! i love that you are finally a baby convert. it's good to know your own sister isn't completely dead inside. :) hee hee.

Amy said...

God teaches us so much through our own children. Slow down. Relax. Giggle. Sing. Look.

Enjoy your little one. Enjoy every (or almost every) moment.