Tuesday, April 25, 2006


People, people, people. It is Tuesday and therefore I am rubbing my hands together with glee just thinking about what vocal delights the American Idols have in store for me tonight. Then, I will be spending an hour with my semi-secret television boyfriend Dr. House afterward. Win-win.

Also, I have discovered a delicious new beverage: Aquafina sparkling water in lemon-lime. Tasty.

And in unrelated news, I am really hoping the metallic trend keeps up for a while. I have made a few investments in that arena (shoes, bags, etc.) and would be sorely disappointed if it suddenly went out of style. I have this annoying tendency to go completely overboard on something I like and it turns into somewhat of an obsession. But what happens is that I’ll be a complete naysayer on that thing for up to a year before I end up embracing it full-scale. For example, back in the late 90’s I thought it was so lame that cropped pants came back in style. A year later I ended up with about 800 pairs of cropped pants in my closet. And now, I can see the writing on the wall. Right now, I’m hating the straight leg skinny jean. I love, love, love the boot cut and think it’s so much more flattering – for me at least. But I can just see myself in April 2007 wearing skinny jeans nonstop, eating my words along the way. I don’t know why I do this. Evidently I am just a Late Adopter of fashion trends.

So if you’re wandering around the OC and see a girl in flared jeans and multiple metallic accessories, feel free to say hello.


R2K said...

: )

Amy said...

I'm so far behind on the trends that they are over before I even figure out what it was that was trendy. I just don't pay attention I suppose. That amd I'm in my 30's which I think just eliminates me from all things trendy. It saves me a bundle on fashion, though!

undercover celebrity said...

I'm with you -- completely on-board the metallic trend. Why where boaring brown pumps, when you can wear bronze?! It just makes good sense.

This is actually a trend I may become belligerent about -- even if it goes out of style, I'll be picketing in front of Nordstrom until it comes back. :)

Newlywife said...

I refuse to see the writing on the wall for cropped pants. I love them, and the skinny jean...I can't do it! Say it isn't so, ohhh the despair.

By the way...American Idol was great last night. I am rooting for Chris and Elliot. I want Pickler out. O.U.T.