Thursday, April 06, 2006


I am in the worst mood today, all because of an unidentified hideous smell emanating from my refrigerator. It is putting me over the edge. For two days, I have been cleaning out the refrigerator multiple times a day and yet every time I open that door, I am knocked over by the odor. I have thrown away almost all our food in search of the offending item, and am coming up with nothing. And now I'm at work, completely obsessing over it.

After googling terms like “awful refrigerator odor” and “refrigerator smells bad,” I have concluded that my next step will be to clean out the drain pan underneath the fridge.

Please let me know if you have a better idea, because I’m going nuts over here.


Poka Bean said...

first of all, i just read eliza jane's latest post and then came here and thought maybe you were having growling issues too. but no...smelling issues. the worst of all.

this probably ISN'T it but not so long ago i was having the same problem and finally realized the freezer door wasn't sticking all the way shut all the time so something in there had gotten just warm enough to start smelling awful. it was really weird. hope you figure it out soon!

Amy said...

hmm...growling does seem to be going around, doesn't it? I agree with Poka, I'd check the freezer, too, but any strange odor has always been cause by food in my fridge so I just don't have a new idea for you to try. The drain pan is a good idea, though. The only other thought I have is maybe a mouse is dead under the fridge?