Monday, April 10, 2006

beware the broccoli.

Well, after cleaning the fridge out countless times, I finally identified the culprit: broccoli. Yes, it is among the more “fragrant” vegetables, and no, I didn’t consider that it was the offending item because it was almost brand new. But when I opened the bag and took a whiff, I almost fell over in horror. I removed it from the house and my quality of life subsequently skyrocketed. I have temporarily banned broccoli in my fridge, at least until I can recover.

DEAR GOD this is a lame post. What interesting things are going on out in the world? Did you hear that Gwyneth named her new baby Moses? Hilarious. Maybe I should consider naming my next child Nebuchadnezzar.

Oh, and also I am reading the book The Tipping Point. Fascinating! Highly recommended.


undercover celebrity said...

Broccoli! Hmmm... I would have guessed spinach. That stuff can likewise create a pungent smell of death in one's fridge.

I helped Mark clean out his fridge last week -- well, actually I insisted on it since between he and his less-than-tidy roommate, there were 6 jars of half-empty moldy salsa. And that was the easy stuff. Note to self: if you spill beer in a refridgerator, promptly wipe it up. Months old beer rotting in the cracks of drawers and shelves causes one to wretch.

Poka Bean said...

that's so funny...a friend of mine told me the other day that her husband wants to name their bun in the oven MOSES. i can only imagine this news will further motivate him.

and furthermore...i heard that book was great! tell me more...

whoorl said...

i made a cheesy broccoli casserole about a month ago and it REEKED.

broccoli is banned in our house indefinitely.

Amy said...

Maybe this is why I rarely eat broccoli? Or that I never buy enough of it to go bad?! Hmm... Good to know. Glad it wasn't a mouse!

Moses was a name I nearly named my cat. (We're into the biblical name thing, but not Moses. Noah, sure! Jacob? Yep. Jonah even, yep! Moses? ya gotta be old for that one to work!)