Tuesday, March 14, 2006

here i am

Here I am! Back for my bi-weekly post! Is that right? Does bi-weekly mean every two weeks? Because if it means twice a week, that would quite obviously be wrong.

I digress.

The real reason I am writing is to ask you folks a question. Is it not the Unwritten Law of ATM-Going that you stay several paces behind the person currently using the ATM, so as not to frighten them and cause them to fear for their money or their lives?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Well, the guy at the ATM yesterday had apparently not gotten the message. (You! The guy at the Union Bank on the corner of Oso and La Paz yesterday at 12:15 pm!) There I was, innocently transacting my business, and he sidles up next to me, lifts up the envelope dispenser thing OF THE ATM I WAS CURRENTLY USING and fishes out an envelope. And I am not kidding when I say that he sidled. It was a sneaky maneuver.

I was aghast! I was alarmed! So the obvious thing to do was to avoid all eye contact, grab my cash and flee to the safety of my car. But with my ATM innocence sadly left behind.

I beg of you, never again take proper ATM etiquette for granted. It could vanish at any time.

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shannon said...

Hee. ATM ettiquette demands that he be slapped silly with thousands of debit cards.

Oh, and I tagged you with a meme. Tee hee.