Tuesday, March 28, 2006

2 adults + 1 baby + 1 small hotel room = TROUBLE.

We just came back from Santa Barbara (went for a friend’s wedding) and man are we exhausted. Two big people and one little person in a little hotel room is not a recipe for comfort and relaxation. Especially when we have to sleep in the same room as said little person and when you lay him down in his crib he pops up like a gopher to look for us because he KNOWS we are in the same room and are AWAKE so we should be ready to PLAY.

But related to this trip is something that I realized about being a parent. It really makes your own issues stand out. So for example, I have a bit of a problem with guilt. As an example: we were planning this trip and needed to find a babysitter to watch Evan for the wedding. I emailed a friend who lives in Santa Barbara asking her if she could recommend a babysitter. She responded by saying that they’d be happy to watch him for us. Then, I proceeded to feel extremely guilty, like they probably thought I was fishing for them to offer when in fact I wasn’t. Hello, way to totally overthink it. I would have offered the same if she had asked me and I wouldn’t have thought “Wow, that girl has so many ulterior motives. I bet she was just waiting for me to offer to babysit.”

Anyway. This is probably not that interesting but such is my life today. My life is filled with guilt and television shows that I DVR so I don’t have to watch the commercials. I think I just need to stop feeling guilty about dumb things and take things at face value. And I probably should stop using DVR as a verb.


Carolyn said...

I'm the same way, which is probably why my husband and I haven't had a night out in ages. I just feel guilty for asking people to watch the kids, and then we we do finally get someone, I worry the whole time about whether the kids are being good.

Regarding the hotel room thing, my husband and I took a road trip one year to Tennessee when my daughter was about 10 months old. We'd have to turn out all the lights in the hotel rooms and pretend we were sleeping until she fell asleep. Imagine us at 8 p.m., lying in the dark waiting for her to fall asleep. A couple of times, we were so tired from driving we'd fall asleep ourselves!

Amy said...

If your friends are like me, they WANT to watch the kids! I wish more people would take me seriously about offering to babysit so they could go out. I just love being with the kids!

Oh, and DVR IS a verb. At least it is in my house. (People say 'you should TiVo this' so "dvr" should be a verb just like TiVo is!)

Poka Bean said...

i agree with amy about dvr. and also about WANTING TO WATCH THE KIDS. bring the little dude on.

undercover celebrity said...

1. Don't ever stop using DVR as a verb. It's an essential part of my vocab.

2. I live all of 5 miles away and would SERIOUSLY love to hang with little Evan for an evening so you and big D could get out. It would absolutely be the highlight of my week. ...and I think Mark likes when I can be around babies -- like I'm getting my fill so I don't ooo and aaah everytime one passes me.

In fact, what are you doing Friday night? You should go out. I'll play with Evan. Everyone wins. Drop me an email if you're interested. :)