Friday, January 20, 2006

Why today rocks, by Bearca.

Because I just used the word “dadgum” in a sentence. At work.

Next I will be putting old appliances in my front yard (look out, Aliso Viejo!) and attending Nascar events.

I am so awesome right now.


undercover celebrity said...

The other day Mark called me a "lamebrain" as if it were a normal thing to say.

Granted, "dadgum" is in a league all it's own. You may need to block the CMT channel and any/all reruns of Bevery Hillbillies.

Jules said...
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doggerelblogger said...

What the hell is a "dadgum"? Is it like a "hoser" (which is archaic Canadian for "idiot")?

I collect funky words. Come by and check 'em out sometime.