Wednesday, November 30, 2005

provided by the management for my what?

Have you ever noticed that the packaging for toilet seat covers always bears the slogan “Provided by the Management for Your Protection”? I would just like to be the first to give a big hearty shout-out to The Management for protecting my nether region. Really, it’s touching to know they care. If they cared that much, you’d think they’d give me a personal escort to walk me out to my car every night, or maybe they could warm up the temperature a bit so I don’t have to drink a constant supply of calorie-laden hot chocolate in order to stay warm in the frigid zone that is my office. But who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth.


undercover celebrity said...

"The Management"
Don't even get me started. These people who make up the Management are virtually retarded in my book. If you were really someone important, you could just sign your name to something and be revered. But if you're throwing around the general title of "management" my mind translates it as: Never attended college and will remain a "manager" for the rest of time. Will develop an attitude in the coming months and will weild my manegerial status at all possible moments inconvenient to you.

Woah, I sound a little enraged, no?

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