Wednesday, August 03, 2005

things that make me happy right now.

1. Making quesadillas in my toaster oven. I believe that quesadillas now outrank cinnamon toast on my list of favorite everyday snacks.

2. The progress of my teeth-whitening project using the GoSmile system. I know I've already discussed my fondness for my Sonicare toothbrush, so I won't go there again, but this is a close second. (Am currently v. obsessed with dental health and whiteness.)

3. Ron Burgundy's exclamations in the movie Anchorman, including:
"Great Oden's raven!"
"Uncle Jonathan's corncob pipe!"
"Hot pot of coffee!" cetera.

4. Watching Entourage. Good vicarious fun. Also, watching Dawson's Creek reruns on TBS. Reminds me of the day when Katie Holmes was a regular annoying actress instead of Scientology's puppet.

5. Going to bed @ 9 pm.

6. An email my husband sent me this morning in which he admitted narrowly avoiding a tragic misspelling. Apparently, he signs off his work email with "Regards" or "Best Regards," but had inadvertently replaced the "g" with a "t" in an email he composed this morning. He caught it in time, but is it wrong for me to almost wish he hadn't? Just to see what would happen. Still laughing.

I'm sure there are more but I'm not feeling especially creative right now. Perhaps will add more later. Peace out homies.


undercover celebrity said...

"Best Retards" is the funniest thing I've read all day! a girl who can't have sugar right now and generally doesn't like flour tortillas, DON'T succumb to the temptation of the quesadilla. It's not nearly as delicious as the cinnamon toast -- AND doesn't taste as good with coffee.


karla said...

I LOVE "best retards!" I'm just sorry he caught in time; it would have made for a great story.

I'm with UC on the flour tortillas issue. Have you tried using corn? So much better. Although I can't have either right now due to my horrible, soul-killing diet.

Don't know what that teeth whitening thing is that you mentioned, but it sounds interesting. I'm about to buy some more Crest Whitestrips. I don't smoke or drink much brown stuff like coffee or coke, so I don't have too bad a problem with discoloration, but I too am very obsessed with my teeth being white enough. I did Crest Whitestrips before I got married, and was happy with the results.

Carolyn said...

Oh, I wish he hadn't caught it either!

Kiki said...

Oh my love for Anchorman!!
Thanx for visiting my blog!

I'm in the process of thinking up genius questions for your interview.

I'll post them in your commments as soon as I can. :)

Kiki said...

Alright, it's question time...

1. Which celebrity do you most resemble or have been told you look like?

2. Would you rather it always be daytime or always be nightime? Why?

3. What happened in your last dream?

4. Would you rather have ginormous feet or ginormous hands?

5. Shag, Marry, Jump off a Cliff;
Johnny Knoxville, Sean William Scott, & Jessica Simpson.
(Dukes of Hazzard theme)

Poka Bean said...

best retards it totally SWEET. and don't let these crazy ladies get you down...i fully embrace your love of the toaster-oven quesadilla and having seen first hand how much cinnamon toast you were eating, i can see why you might be ready for a switch. :)

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