Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If I’ve been a little quiet lately it is because I am getting ready for vacation. Next week, we are going to… wait for it…


I am excited because I’ve never been there. I have been to Jamaica, and the Bahamas, and Mexico, and Puerto Rico, but never Hawaii. We are going to the big island because my brother-in-law has qualified for the Ironman triathlon, also known in Bearca’s world as the Maybe Just a Little Bit Insane Man. I know, let’s swim 2.4 miles! Then let’s ride 112 miles on a bike! And when we are done with that, let’s run a marathon! I am a good swimmer and I know I could do the swim, and I could probably run a marathon if I trained hard enough, but I am a horrific bike rider. I should clarify that I did run a half-marathon once, and after it was over I instructed my family to stop me from ever attempting it again. Thus ending my potential Ironman bid.

But I digress. We are going to cheer Dave’s brother on and I couldn’t be more excited. Go Uncle Steve!

But the packing… I am already stressed about the packing. I have a spreadsheet, and a list of items that need to be purchased before we leave, and a list of errands that need to be run. Traveling with two small children requires a level of preparedness and boredom-avoiding tactics that I’m not sure I’m yet prepared for.

Plus, there was an incident a couple of weeks ago where Evan’s Leapster was fatally wounded. If you must know, he had an accident and peed on it. I changed the batteries, but the Leapster didn’t survive the liquid assault. Do I buy a new one, or just rely on DVD entertainment? Help!

So, wish me luck. I will be burying my head in lists and spreadsheets ensuring that we have everything we might need for a six-hour flight. Any advice?


Tiffany said...

I am so jealous! Although I'm not sure I envy your having to keep a couple of young kids happy on the flight. Good luck!

Angella said...

I have never been to Hawaii, but would love to some day. Have fun!

metalia said...

Ooh! I remember you telling me about this trip back! Have the best time!!

Isabel said...

HAWAIIIIII!!!!!! Hooray for vacations.

We spent September flying all over Europe with our toddler. Many, many flights. Here are a few things that helped us:

* Gummy candy for him to eat and help with the air pressurization.

*Ipod with multiple downloads of his fave shows.

* headphones that covered his ears (we practiced with this BEFORE we left home.)

* toys to unwrap (I bought some at the $1 store and just wrapped them in paper. He loved this.)

* We made sure to have his blanket and stuffed monkey to snuggle on the plane.

* Make sure to get up and walk around.

We seriously had no problems on any of the flights, even the 9 hour ones.

Good luck to you guys!