Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I can name that baby in two notes!

Now that we know it’s a girl, we are struggling with names. We had all but agreed on a boy’s name that we loved (Seth) but are having a much harder time settling on a favorite girl name. We seem to be leaning toward girl names that are actually boy names (Dylan, Rowan, Elliott) but pairing them with an uber-feminine middle name (like Grace). I don’t know, I’m sure we’ll waffle many more times before settling on something we both agree on… like Gertrude! Or Mildred! Or Hettie!*

But seriously… it’s really hard to come up with names that are unique, yet not bizarrely weird. Speaking of bizarre, I was flipping through a baby name book last night and was alarmed to find the following names listed for girls:


Really? Beige-Dawn? Dusky-Dream? I promise you that I am not making this up. In the name of all that is holy, I could not imagine ANYONE seeing either of those two names in the book and saying “Aha! This is it! She will heretofore be known as Beige-Dawn.” In my dreams, dusky or otherwise, my daughter does not have a hyphenated first name that meshes together a time of the day with a color.

But anyway: what girl names do you like? Do tell…

*no offense to the many Gertrudes, Mildreds and Hetties who I am sure frequent this blog.


Swistle said...

I like Annabel, Genevieve, Liana, Jane, Imogen, Geneva, Brindle, Penelope, Fiona, Clarissa, Meredith, Beatrix, Millicent, Claire, Clara, Celeste, Fern, Eve, Linnea, Hope, Marin.

That's the SHORT list, anyway.

Hi, favorite topic!

I highly recommend The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg. Excellent name browsing, and good categories in the back (Timeless, Ladies and Gentleman, Last Names First, Guys and Dolls, Exotic Traditionals, etc.).

rebcram said...

Swistle - I love Linnea, Marin and Geneva. Those are really pretty! We actually have a Geneva in the family, too...

I also really like the name Maris, but can't say it without thinking of Niles' domineering wife on Frasier. :)

little miss mel said...

I'm keeping my short gal list to myself, in case we get to use it this go around. :) hehe


I did read in my home state paper (Oklahoma) a list of a sorority pledge class. One of the names listed?

Tya Boots

No joke.

I bet you'll find something classic, yet unique. Perfect@

It's not easy, is it?

Amy said...

I'd share my favorite girl name but since my sister STOLE my first favorite girl name I will not, under any circumstances reveal what my NEW favorite girl name is. Cause I just MIGHT have another child. I know, I'm 36, and single, and dateless, but I MIGHT.

That said, my mother's name was Geneva. Good choice.

undercover celebrity said...

I am a big fan of Elliott -- any Scrubs fan would be. ...but let's face it, if this little one pops out as cute as Evan, you could name her Matilda and everyone would still swoon.

karla said...

I like Hitler, Pol Pot and Venereal.

But seriously, I like Rio. I just wasn't brave enough to use something so exotic myself when I had my daughter 2 months ago. Who, incidentally, I named Chase. And yes, everyone pauses and says, "But it's a GIRL, right?" But fuck 'em. I like it.

Janssen said...

The person who picked "Beige-Dawn"? Probably just went to Home Depot and looked at the names on the paint samples until they found something perfect. They probably have a son named Hunter Green.

I just found your blog (via Whoorl) and I'm loving it! Congrats on your girl.