Monday, May 21, 2007


It’s a gray, drizzly day and I’m working from home this afternoon. I’ve got a cup of mint tea in my hand, I’m wearing fleecy slippers, and there’s a window cleaning guy upstairs cleaning all the windows in my house as I write this. It’s a good day.

But every time I have a service person, furniture delivery man or some other “house call” guy come here when I’m here by myself, I always stress out a little bit. Like, is this guy legit or does he have a weapon in that nondescript white van parked outside? Is he going to incapacitate me somehow and attack me, or even worse, throw me into the back of said nondescript white van? Is it just me? Do any of you have these thoughts when the Sears guy is fixing your dishwasher? I’m probably paranoid because I've been watching too much Criminal Minds. Dang, I love that show. But it’s rather terrifying.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that this guy seems very nice and totally normal. But if you don’t hear from me for a few days, put out an APB on that van.


Amy said...

The only guy I've ever had at my place was the HVAC guy and he was so dang cute that I didn't care if he had a weapon or not. Of course, he spent the duration of the time telling me all about the amazing farm house he bought and restored with his fiancee. yeah, thanks, dude. Could ya just not pop that bubble so early on in the fixing of my heater? Wait till the end when I'm already having a heart attack over the bill.

Ryann said...

The Cable Guy!!! It was just after that episode of CSI years ago when the cable guy was living in the attic of that girl's apartment after he installed her cable. And he would call her, knowing all of her moves, and he drove her crazy making her barracade all of her windows and doors, thinking that someone was looking into her house. But really, the calls were coming from inside the house. And then he killed her. Yeah, not a good time to have the cable guy come to my house.

Philipp said...

Hey Rebcram, you are dreamer!!
You have too see less Criminal programs and movies. On movies an image of man and van usually appear as a negative hero. So, do not afraid of them in a real life, most of them are really nice!!