Monday, March 12, 2007

parents of the year

The scene:
Monday night. 6:55 pm. Dinner table.

The players:
Dave, Evan and me. Dave suddenly remembers that his usual Monday night guitar lesson has been moved to 7:00 instead of 7:30 and yells out "CRAP!"

Evan, sponge that he is, immediately realizes he's onto something and starts saying "Crap! Crap! Crap!" over and over again.

Um, yeah. Awesome.


little miss mel said...

Yep, the days are over where cussing is an everyday luxury.

I enjoy when I am carrying Rt, drop something and say under my breath "shit". What does Rt say, quietly?

Yep, the days are over. crap.

Amy said...

Be thankful the word of choice was "crap". I will never forget the moment my then-three-year-old niece looked right at her mom and said, "no shit, Mom."

Really hard not to laugh, I gotta tell ya.

Just invent a really funny 'curse' word and use it instead. It'd be cute to see the little one say "Pickle!" in a heated moment!!

AnnieM said...

Oh yes! Be thankful it could've been so much worse, and probably will!