Monday, March 26, 2007

it's monday, all right.

It’s 8:20 am. So far, today, I’ve done the following:

Left a razor within easy reach of my toddler, who quickly found it.

Yelled at my husband for telling me that I was taking a long time to get ready.

Completely lost my temper with Evan because he would not stop pulling on my hoop earrings when I was holding him. His little face crumpled up and the sad lip popped out immediately. I felt so, so, so bad.

Forgot to brush my teeth before leaving the house.

Like I said, it’s not even 8:30 yet and I’ve already racked up an impressive list of accomplishments.


Ryann said...

Ooh, the sad lip, I feel for you. As far as the teeth, I have started keeping a tooth brush and paste in my purse, helps after I have had an aromatic lunch and then have to breathe in my patients faces. But gum should work for you today.

Don't get too down on yourself, Mondays wouldn't have such a bad reputation if they were the best day of the week.

s@bd said...

good to know i'm not the only one with the stellar parenting moments ...

little miss mel said...

I often forget to brush my teeth. I chalk it up to being a mom.

Sugarless gum is good for that reason alone. :)

karla said...

Oh the sad face. It's so heartbreaking.