Tuesday, February 20, 2007

it ain't just a river

Because I am in denial that today is a workday following a lovely three-day weekend, and that I am no longer on vacation in the central coast of California tasting various wines, I will share with you another photo from our trip.

Here we are, after visiting our fourth winery of the day (see how happy we look?). Those are the faces of two responsible adults who have just pawned their toddler off on grandma and grandpa. Oh yeah.


Amy said...

four wineries in a day? I'd need to sit down for awhile!! Sounds like a wonderful time!

Dzen said...

first time to drop by your blog..looks very interesting..
2 responsible adults, huh? LOL! =)

Poka Bean said...

i like how you've led your readers to believe we only went to FOUR wineries that day. ha ha ha ha. FOOLS!