Tuesday, November 28, 2006

what's for dinner?

I have so many things swirling around in my head right now that I’m finding it hard to formulate a cohesive post. Work: crazy. Holiday planning: crazy. Toddler who refuses at all costs to be strapped into a stroller: crazy.

Also, that hour and a half between arriving home after work and when Evan goes to bed: crazy. There is mail-opening, dinner-making, bath-giving, book-reading and more all before we collapse like zombies on the couch to watch whatever drama Fox has to offer. (seriously, did you watch Prison Break last night? Way to redeem a sub-par season with a decent ending.)

But back to the original point… anyone out there with the same problem? And what do you make for dinner that can take less than 30 minutes?


Poka Bean said...

dude. hop on the baked potato/sweet potato bandwagon. takes more like 45 minutes but that is effortless time you don't actually have to be COOKING that you can spend with the toddler who refuses to be strapped into his stroller. just polished one off myself. yum!

Amy said...

I don't make any dinners that take more than 30 minutes. But I don't make anything complicated. Chicken? Stick it on the George Foreman, cook up a side (read that: heat up veggies) and serve! Chicken casear salads are one of our favorites.

As for the stroller thing, find one toy he LOVES and only let him have it when he's sitting nicely in his stroller.

s@bd said...

assuming KD or hotdogs aren't options?