Monday, November 20, 2006

in which I beg desperately for your help

If one is invited to a surprise birthday party for one’s friend, that involves an overnight babysitter, staying at a schwanky hotel in Los Angeles and possibly the consumption of multiple expensive martinis, what should one wear? I should mention that bowling will also be involved.

I’m confused!

My current vote is for The Uniform, aka cute jeans and a sassy top. But which sassy top? Do I even own the perfect one?

This is what happens when your social life begins revolving around a child’s bedtime and DVR. Help me.


whoorl said...

of course jeans and a sassy top!!

i think you should take photos of your sassy tops and let us vote. :)

karla said...

You cannot go wrong with The Uniform. As for the top, borrow one of mine. C'mon over and root around in my closet.

s@bd said...

the uniform is good. just make sure the shoes are equally sassy. oh, and the socks because those darned things will be coming out at bowling time.

Amy said...

um, I never go out, more or less get invited to such a cool surprise birthday party, so I have no advice Sorry. But you'll have a great time and no one will really care what you're wearing (will they?)

undercover celebrity said...

So, the only swanky bowling I can fathom you're going to is Lucky Strike, the mother of all bowling alleys. Here's my only thought: everyone is going to be wearing jeans. I say go for the cute pants... or if you're so bold the leggings w/a casual dress. I've seen you; you can pull that off. It would be cute and comfortable and everyone would rave about your mad-style sense.

Poka Bean said...

i say go with the uniform for sure. i think you should wear those hot new jeans you got a know, the ones that look just like the hot new jeans the I got a nordies. yeah, those. they're hot.