Friday, July 28, 2006

an actual conversation that took place at my house

Me: “Evan, what does a duck say?”

Evan: “Kack kack!”

Me: (giggling uncontrollably at the realization that my son is a genius) “YES! That’s right! That’s exactly what a duck says!” (meanwhile I continue to quack loudly while making funny faces to encourage him to keep it up)

I’m all about sacrificing my dignity.


undercover celebrity said...

Ok, fine... maybe I'm the only woman without a baby these days so I'm not yet jaded... but that sounds really, really adorable.

karla said...

YES! Parenting can be summed up in that phrase: Sacrificing one's dignity. I find myself dancing to cartoon songs to amuse my kid, popping around corners to make faces at him, mashing my face up against walls to make him giggle, and an ever-growing list of other things that I would DIE if you or anyone else ever caught me in the act of.

I'm turning into my mother.