Tuesday, June 20, 2006

few and far between

Wow, has it really been this long since I posted? Apparently yes. Maybe I should start a movement: Blogging Once a Week (or Less) For Fun And Profit!

Well, what’s going on Chez Bearca? Lots, I tell ya. Last night I went to the spa with some girlfriends and had a fabulous massage, followed up with a margarita and copious amounts of homemade tortillas from El Torito. Yum. Oh! And I’ll be traveling to Columbus, Ohio in the next few weeks on business. Really looking forward to that. And? This Saturday, we start Mommy & me swim classes! I cannot wait. Evan has these new swim trunks and let me tell you, just thinking about him standing by the pool with his belly hanging out over those trunks brings a tear to my eye.

And also? I am in the market for some really awesome aviator sunglasses that are not too Hollywood obnoxious looking. I’m sure that will take up a boatload of my internet surfing time for the foreseeable future.

But speaking of internet surfing time, please do yourself a favor and read this. Random, but so very funny.


Carolyn said...

I LOVE the swim shorts! Now I want to run out and get some for my little boy. He's started to blow bubbles in the bath and kick his legs while laying on his stomach, so I think he's going to be the next olympic swimmer.

Have fun in the mommy and me classes. I took my daughter when she was young and it was so much fun. Now that my husband is off for the summer, he'll be taking over the duty with my son. Makes me a little sad.

karla said...

I must have been napping when you called to invite me to the spa outing, and didn't hear the phone. Next time leave a message, won't you? I don't want to miss out next time.

undercover celebrity said...

Hi -
So, I'm incredibly delinquent in keeping up on even my favorite blogs, but I have to tell you I just got the greatest pair of aviator glasses at Target on La Paz/Pacific Park. ...and I even got a compliment on them last night from the hostess at El Cortez -- that's when you known you've made a good purchase.