Thursday, January 19, 2012

the head and the heart

The voice in my head says I can’t take the kids to the park right now. The house is a disaster!
The voice in my heart says it’s gorgeous outside. Let’s go laugh ourselves silly while we roll down a hill.

The voice in my head says if I give that homeless woman money, she’ll probably just use it for drugs.
The voice in my heart says how do you know? It’s not your job to decide that. Show grace to others as it’s been freely shown to you.

The voice in my head says I’m too busy to make dinner for that family at school whose toddler is in the final stages of cancer.
The voice in my heart says drop everything. How would I want friends, family and even strangers to treat me if my child was sick?

The voice in my head says wow, it’s really annoying how everyone in this family leaves dirty socks everywhere.
The voice in my heart says (yep, ditto, still annoying.)

The voice in my head says my life is too stressful. I have to go to work, pick up the kids, make lunches, help with homework, cook dinner, go grocery shopping, give the kids their baths, clean up the messes everywhere.
The voice in my heart says open your eyes, woman! Look at everything you have and be thankful.


Although I only float into this space a couple of times a year, I still envision this as a place to put things I don’t want to forget. This post has been brewing in my head for quite a while now, and I wanted to finally write it down here to keep me accountable to listen to my heart, because it’s telling me important things every day.


whoorl said...

Great post. It's so easy to get caught up in the hubbub...and you're right, we need to remember to open our eyes and take in all that we have.

k said...

I loved this.

Shalini said...

I was just feeling like this this morning. I don't have enough time! I hate this! Good reminder.

Kerri Anne said...

I dig you. And I just wanted you to know that (always, but especially) today.

Erica said...

I get this so much. Beautiful.

page said...

I drift back here from time to time. Today was my first visit in a long while. How wise, how true, especially now that I am a Mom. This is so well put.