Thursday, July 19, 2007

i'm blowing up like a balloon over here

I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after coming home from the trip on Monday night. I’m all discombobulated… laundry isn’t done, house is in disarray… but I can’t bring myself to care or really do much about it.

What I do care about is how shocking it is that at only 11 weeks pregnant, I look like I did at 18 weeks last time. My belly is totally out of control and it’s becoming a problem. I was counting on being able to stay in regular pants for a few weeks to come but alarmingly, it looks like that won’t be possible. Today, I’m wearing a pair of “transitional jeans” that I bought a few weeks after Evan was born. I’m worried that they are a short-term stopgap. Where, oh where can I find cute maternity jeans that will not cost me $200? Help meeeeeeeee!

I told a bunch of people at work the big news yesterday. It feels good to have the secret out. And now I can resume my constant snacking on a slightly less furtive basis.


little miss mel said...

ugh. the in-btwn clothing is just so wrong.

Will you be able to wear your clothes from last babe? same season? There is something fun about buying new maternity clothes since you will be LIVING in them. :)

Congrats on the belly. Sounds like a second pregnancy to me!

whoorl said...

Okay, maybe I can't help so much on the price, but the best maternity jeans by far are Chip and Pepper's Pamela Maternity jean. I love them. (Better than Citizens of Humanity and Sevens, I promise.)

undercover celebrity said...

Speaking as one who has never been pregnant, but fears that in-between stage where people can't yet tell that you're pregnant, so they thing you're just looking a little chunky (hello, run on sentence...) -- I would think that popping out early is a good thing. No?