Friday, April 06, 2007

sick day, the sequel

Home again today! The little guy can't seem to shake this fever, so we're going to have another relaxing day at home together. However, instead of watching the same Baby Einstein video over and over (Baby Noah: oh how I love you and loathe you all at the same time!), I have DVR'd two episodes of Blue's Clues and one episode of Teletubbies. What? Was that me expressing a feeling that watching Teletubbies is an upgrade over Baby Einstein? Desperate times, people. Desperate times.


undercover celebrity said...

Oh my gosh! I guess I didn't really think it through -- once you have kids, you can't spend the day catching up on 24 or Criminal Minds, or Hillary Duff:This is Now... I mean if you're into things like that :)

metalia said...

Watching Baby Einstein makes me more frustrated than anything else, because I get annoyed that *I* didn't think to videotape myself spinning a ball/playing with a hand puppet, and subsequently sell it for eleventy billion dollars.

Hope your little guy feels better soon!