Friday, January 19, 2007


As it turns out, Evan is absolutely terrified of bubble baths. Go figure! He’s got this little cold right now, and last night I thought putting a little bit of vapor bath in the water might help clear up his nose. After I had put the vapor bath in, he walked in the bathroom and eyed the tub suspiciously. When it became apparent to him that I actually intended to put him in there, he blew a gasket. Tears poured down his little face as he screamed piteously. I finally got him in the water but he cried the whole time, stopping only long enough to throw his hands up and hopefully say “done!” several times.

It was traumatic for everyone, but the good news? I now have an important piece of information with which I can torture him when he’s older. “Hi, college girlfriend. I’m Evan’s mom. Did you know that he used to be afraid of bubble baths?”

Now that’s just mean.


undercover celebrity said...

That is too funny! Maybe Burt and Ernie had an episode that entailed a traumatic bubble bath experience. Those darn puppet people.

JDavid said...

That's funny. I just gave my puppy a bath and she was not a fan either... But actually, I came here to let you know that I am your '2000 Bloggers' neighbor, so this is kinda like a fruitcake for you. Nice to meet you!