Tuesday, February 14, 2006

yes, it's true, i'm a valentine's day grinch.

And upon confessing as much to my sister today, I received the following email from her:

"oh bearca, i am so sad that YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. a valentine's day grinch. if i hear ONE MORE PERSON go on about how valentine's day was invented by marketers and money grubbers who want to rake us over the coals under the guise of love and romance i am going to PUKE.

GET IN THE FREAKING SPIRIT! i think this holiday is so fun."

Ain't nothing better on Valentine's Day than getting berated by the ones you love!


Poka Bean said...
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Poka Bean said...

you left out my favorite part...the part with the star wars reference:

"my hubby's in your camp with the whole, they just want my money, why do i need a stupid manmade holiday to show you i love you when i can show you every other day of the year? baloney but no, no...that will not fly. valentine's day is non-negotiable. i made this very clear...it's in the contract. thus he has surprise plans for us tonight. he is wise padawan learner. make good jedi valentine one day."

furthermore, i bet you aren't even wearing anything RED today, are you, you little grinch? i, for one, am wearing both red AND pink. that's how committed i am. committed to making up for the loveless pessimism of all you anti-valentine's day kill-joys.

just doing my part.

ObeyMyBlog! said...

For the record, even her son was wearing red on Valentine's Day -- his father didn't want him being outed as a V-day grinch by his daycare peers at such an early age. And he even bought mommy a card. How tender....

undercover celebrity said...

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