Wednesday, December 21, 2005

hot vs. not

Well geez, people, looks like I’m having a pretty good week.

What’s Hot:
  • Having all my gifts bought/wrapped/shipped
  • Getting my Christmas cards in the mail
  • Taking Friday off in order to get a long-overdue haircut and highlights
  • Having paid our property taxes and not having to worry about that for another year
  • The awesome new velvety pants my husband got me at J Crew last night
  • Bacon

What’s Not:

  • Not being able to find the Napoleon Dynamite talking pen that I was going to put in my dad’s Christmas stocking (so Dad, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry you’ll be missing out on the magic)


ObeyMyBlog! said...

you missed another "NOT":

Confused infants who think that 4:30AM is an appropriate wake-up time.

undercover celebrity said...

I didn't even know that talking Napolean Dynamite pens existed. Now I must find one.

Just picture your dad chuckling to himself in his office, listening to the pen... hilarious!

Up Hill Both Ways! said...

Hey...where's my pen? I need to write a note and I can't find a pen anywhere!

Sure would be neat if I had a talking pen right now....